News: One-Night-Only Show PHASE #05-「混血」- Announced


All times and dates are in JST.

Following the end of their World Tour PHASE #04 -99.999-, and prior to their tour final in September, the GazettE has announced a special one-night-only show, PHASE #05-「混血こんけつ」(“KONKETSU” / “MIXED BLOOD”)-, to be held at the Yokosuka Arts Theatre on August 15, 2019. Advance sale tickets are ¥6,800 or ¥7,200 on the day of the event (tax included).

There is a lottery for pre-sale tickets currently being held for HERESY fan club members.

Members may apply for up to two (2) tickets, for active HERESY members onlyApplying for tickets does not guarantee you will receive them; you should apply for the total number of tickets you require on one application, and they require the information and HERESY ID of the person attending with you at the time of application – changes cannot be made later to the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

See the dates below for HERESY Lottery Application, Lottery Results and Payment Remittance Period.

  • Application Period: Monday, June 1 (12:00pm) to Tuesday, July 16 (11:59pm)
  • Lottery Results Period: Monday, July 22 (12:00pm)
  • Payment Remittance Period: Monday, July 22 (12:00pm) to Tuesday, July 23 (11:00pm)

More details are available for overseas HERESY members here.

Tickets will go on general sale in early August (details to be announced).

横須賀芸術劇場 OPEN18:00/START18:30

※指定席・後方立見 同額
※3歳以上有料、諸サービス手数料別 …

From the GazettE Official LINE account

Promotional image obtained from the GazettE official site.

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