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Defective Tragedy is a lyrics archive of romaji and translations of songs by the GazettE, as well as interviews and other news about the band.

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You can access all my previous lyrics posts through the All Songs link, or I’ve also split things into categories.  The list of translated songs is alphabetized, while releases are in reverse-chronological order (further split up by release type and grouped by year).

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Album: MASS

Release information for the GazettE’s tenth studio album, MASS. MASS is being released in four versions: a Limited Edition Box A featuring special packaging, an artbook, the album CD, and one Blu-Ray disc; a Limited Edition Box B featuring special packaging, a booklet, the album CD, and one DVD; a…


Romaji and English translation of the song BLINDING HOPE from the album MASS by the GazettE. These lyrics were posted in the official iTunes release, but are subject to change based on the lyric booklet upon the album release in May. Edit 3/10/21: I forgot to mention when I originally…

Live Report: the GazettE THE NINTH Tour Final 09/23/19

the GazettE LIVE TOUR18-19 THE NINTH TOUR FINAL 「第九」/ “Daikyuu (Ninth)” Live @ Yokohama Arena / September 23, 2019 This is my personal account of the tour final performance. It is not an officially-sanctioned live report.

News: 18th Anniversary Live Announced

the GazettE 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576 All times and dates are in JST. Following the end of their NINTH tour with the final at Yokohama Arena in September, the GazettE has announced their next major event: an 18th anniversary show to be held at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza in Tokyo…

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