News: 18th Anniversary Live Announced

the GazettE 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576

All times and dates are in JST.

Following the end of their NINTH tour with the final at Yokohama Arena in September, the GazettE has announced their next major event: an 18th anniversary show to be held at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza in Tokyo on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Official promotional image from the GazettE official website.

The name of the show, DAY/6576, refers to the number of days from their first live on March 10, 2002 to the date of the anniversary live. The teaser video (below) shows footage from their lives and PVs throughout the years.

Official 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576 TEASER from the GazettE Official YouTube

The band has announced that they will be offering an OFFICIAL BUS TOUR for this performance (further details to be announced).

Advance sale tickets are ¥8,000 or ¥8,500 on the day of the event (tax included). Everyone age 3 or older must purchase a ticket to attend.

Currently, there is a lottery being held for GazettE MOBILE members, but further lotteries will no doubt be held for HERESY members. More details on lotteries and general admission sales will be provided as they become available.

武蔵野の森総合スポーツプラザ メインアリーナ
OPEN17:30 / START18:30

指定席 前売¥8,000(税別)

From the GazettE Official LINE account

Promotional image obtained from the GazettE official site.

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