Juuyon-sai no NAIFU

Romaji and English translation of the song 十四歳のナイフ (Juuyon-sai no NAIFU) from the single Juuyon-sai no NAIFU by the GazettE.

I’m giving this song the explicit tag because of the true story it’s based on (that you kind of need to read to understand the lyrics of the song; link and a TL;DR version in the notes), but there’s nothing terribly explicit in it. The real case is just… really messed up.

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Maximum impulse

Romaji and English translation of the song Maximum impulse from the album DISORDER by the GazettE.

I waffled on whether I should give this the explicit tag for drug use (though it’s kind of metaphorical because while the song is definitely about being high, in reality, it’s meant to be a comparison of how music and drugs can both be addicting and stimulating).  I decided to use the tag, mostly because I also translated one line with a curse word later in the song.  Either way, there’s your warning.

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