News: “the GazettE × Yokohama Collaboration” Announced

In preparation for THE NINTH TOUR FINAL, the GazettE has announced a collaboration with the city of Yokohama.  In addition to special menu items to appear in Chinatown (the purchase of which will also net you a special postcard), there will be a stamp rally and a limited number of GazettE-themed day passes available for the Minatomirai Line. 

The original article by BARKS can be found here.

BARKS: “the GazettE × Yokohama Collaboration” Announced: Chinatown Collaboration Menu and Stamp Rally

Original Article Posted: 2019.8.30 15:30

In preparation for their Yokohama Arena Tour Final <the GazettE LIVE TOUR18-19 THE NINTH TOUR FINAL 「DAIKYUU / THE NINTH」> on September 23, 2019 (Mon, holiday), a special “the GazettE × Yokohama Collaboration Project” has been announced.  It will run from September 7, 2019 (Sat) to September 23, 2019 (Mon, holiday).

Sample of the Minatomirai “Original One-Day Fare Pass” from the GazettE’s official LINE (Sept 7, 2019)

This collaboration is being run by the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau in cooperation with the Minatomirai Line and Yokohama Chinatown.  Beginning September 7 (Sat), the Minatomirai Line will be offering limited edition “Original One-Day Fare Passes,” and special collaboration menu items will be introduced in Yokohama’s Chinatown the same day.

Additionally, starting September 21 (Sat), bring the original “GazettE excursion map” produced for this event around to five local business spots designated as stamp locations to be entered into a lottery to win fabulous prizes in the Yokohama Angya (Yokohama Pilgrimage) Stamp Rally.

Why not take the opportunity to have fun around Yokohama while you’re visiting for the Yokohama Arena Tour Final performance?

“the GazettE × Yokohama Collaboration Project”

9/7/2019 (Sat)-9/23/2019 (Mon, holiday)
Stamp Rally “Yokohama Pilgrimage” 9/21 (Sat)-9/23 (Mon, holiday): 3-day Limited-time Event

the GazettE Original Design “Minatomirai Line One-Day Fare Passes”

[Sales Period]

9/7 (Sat)-9/23 (Mon, holiday)

[Sales Location]

Available at the station office of each station on the Yokohama High-Speed Railway’s Minatomirai Line (except Yokohama Station)

[Sales Price]

460 yen

[Ticket Validity Period]

From September 7, 2019 (Sat)- March 6, 2020 (Fri); good for one day only


※ Please be aware that you cannot request a specific serial number in advance.
※ Please DO NOT purchase these with the intent of reselling them.

the GazettE×Yokohama Chinatown “Limited-Time Collaboration Menu”

Selling collaboration foods themed around the GazettE’s signature color: “black.”

If you order a collaboration menu item at each participating store, you will receive one original postcard per product!

Chinatown collaboration foods from the GazettE’s official Facebook (Sept 7, 2019)
[Sales Period]

9/7 (Sat)-9/23 (Mon, holiday)

[Participating Locations]
1. Suihou Honten
[Menu]Black sesame dandan noodles
[Price (tax inc.)]1,206 yen翠鳳本店/

2. Youkihi Boutique & CafeChinois
[Menu]Black fig royal almond pudding
[Price (tax inc.)]756 yen楊貴妃boutiquecafechinois/

3. Ichiraku
[Menu]Black soy sauce fried rice
[Price (tax inc.)]907 yen一楽/

4. Edosei Honten
[Menu]Black meat-manjuu (steamed bun with meat filling)
[Price (tax inc.)]500 yen江戸清本店/
• Edosei Oodoori Shop江戸清大通り店/
• Edosei Riiron Ichiba-doori Shop江戸清・りーろん市場通り店/
• Edosei Seki Teibyou-doori Shop江戸清関帝廟通り店/

5. Daishin’en
[Menu]Blackberry sangria
[Price (tax inc.)]702 yen大新園/

6. ROUROU Cafe
[Menu]Jet-black triangle (*ROUROU recently posted a photo; this is a trio of food items: a sandwich, a black mooncake, and a dark chocolate gateau)
[Price (tax inc.)]Single item: 1,200 yen
Combo with drink: 1,500 yen

Excursion Map

A special Collaboration Project-related map will be distributed.

[Excursion Map Distribution Locations]
  • Chinatown Collaboration Menu-participating locations(see all 6 locations in the [Participating Locations] table),
  • Stamp Rally installation spots (5 total locations),
  • City Tourism Information Centers (Yokohama Station, Sakuragichō Station, Shin-Yokohama Station),
  • Minatomirai Line Stations
[Distribution Period]

Daily beginning 9/7 (Sat) (※ only while supplies last)


A3, folded

Stamp Rally “Yokohama Pilgrimage”

Collect 5 stamps around the city of Yokohama to participate in a lottery to win fabulous prizes!

[Operating Period]

9/21 (Sat)-9/23 (Mon, holiday)

[Lottery venue]

LIVE CAFE&BAR「Shin-Yokohama strage」

[Stamp Installation Locations]
  • Minatomirai Line “Motomachi/Chuukagai Station” near the ticket vending machine located in the direction of Yokohama Station
  • Minatomirai Line “Minatomirai Station” near the ticket vending machine located in the direction of Motomachi/Chuukagai Station (*these two bullet points were updated with information from the GazettE’s Facebook post in English regarding this event)
  • Minatomirai Line’s “Yokohama Station” South Exit outside the ticket gate by the 7-Eleven
  • Yokohama Chinatown Information Center near the “ChinaTown 80” entrance
  • LIVE CAFE&BAR「Shin-Yokohama strage」near the venue entrance *Note: This installation is only available from 12:00pm on 9/21 (Sat) through the end of the Yokohama Arena Tour Final performance on 9/23 (Mon, holiday).
[Sample Prizes]
  • Free hotel accommodation vouchers
  • Theme park free admission tickets
  • Yokohama Arena mascot “Yokoari-kun” goods
  • Original stickers, etc.

※ Event details and schedule may change without notice.  Please check the organizer’s website for the latest details.

Site URL:

[End of article]

Additionally, Ruki posted a comment on Instagram regarding the collaboration:

As I've said before, I'm really looking forward to the collaboration with Yokohama 🔥 
There's gonna be all kinds of train tickets, a stamp rally, and original foods and drinks.  Thank you, Yokohama ☺️ 
If you're free, please come by and have fun 🙋‍♂️ And then let us know what you think!

#thegazette #ruki #livetour2019 #final #THENINTH #YokohamaArena #Yokohama #collaboration

Additional Information (only available in Japanese unless otherwise noted):

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