Release information for the GazettE’s EP, COCKAYNE SOUP.

COCKAYNE SOUP was only released as a single four-track CD.


  • COCKAYNE SOUP was the only one of the 2003 EP releases not reissued in 2005 by King Records.

  • There are no official lyrics to Beautiful 5 [shit]ers. What is printed in the lyric booklet is actually part of the Heart Sutra, which is not sung.

  • The song Shiawase na hibi / 幸せな日々, previously released on the single Gozen 0-ji no torauma RAJIO, was re-recorded for this release. (The Gozen 0-ji version of the song, which is also featured in the PV, was recorded with the original drummer Yune before Kai joined the band.)
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