Single: Miseinen

Release information for the GazettE’s single, Miseinen / 未成年 / Minors.

Miseinen was released as a single one-track CD+DVD edition.


  • The singles zetsu, ZAKUROgata no yuuutsu, and Miseinen were all released on the same day with two discs: the title track on a CD and its accompanying PV on a DVD. Also released on the same day was the single Dainippon… nakadzuri… ongenshuu, which combined all three tracks into one disc, but did not include the PVs.

PVs of Miseinen Tracks

Miseinen / 未成年 from the single Miseinen

Miseinen First Press Edition

Release Date: 2004.07.28
Limited Edition First Press
No:PSTA-0050 Price:¥1,890(tax-in)
Label: PS Company

CD Tracklist

  1. Misenen / 未成年

DVD Tracklist

  1. Miseinen / 未成年 PV

未成年 album cover art © 2004 PS Company

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