Single: zetsu

Release information for the GazettE’s single, zetsu / 舐~zetsu~ / Death Advisory (see note below).

zetsu was released as a single one-track CD+DVD edition.


  • The singles zetsu, ZAKUROgata no yuuutsu, and Miseinen were all released on the same day with two discs: the title track on a CD and its accompanying PV on a DVD. Also released on the same day was the single Dainippon… nakadzuri …ongenshuu, which combined all three tracks into one disc, but did not include the PVs.

  • The ~zetsu~ part was included in the title to indicate how it should be read. So, in reality, no one knows what the title is supposed to mean. If you wanted to get extra punny with my title, you could call it Death Note.  Basically, I chose a reading of the first radical as zetsu in 舌代 zetsudai “a notice (as in a posted sign, warning, etc.)”, and a silent version of one of the readings for the second radical as 氏ぬ shinu “to die.” (He’s done stuff like that before, who knows.)  Because the song kind of seems like a warning to anyone that wants to date this guy that it’s probably not gonna end well for them.

    This is not an official thing, it’s just kind of my interpretation of what the title could be – and without finding out from Ruki directly (and good luck with that), no one freaking knows what he meant by the title, we just know for sure it’s pronounced zetsu thanks to him helpfully writing it out next to the kanji he picked.

    If you want to puzzle it out yourself:
    • 舌 by itself is read either shita or zetsu and means “tongue.”
    • 氏 by itself read as tsu means “family/clan” – but pronounced other ways it can be part of compounds meaning death, a counter for people, or the equivalent of “go to hell/fuck off and die.”
    • 舐る (a verb using the actual kanji, but NOT pronounced zetsu in any format) can be pronounced either neburu or nameru and means “lick, taste, burn up, despise.”

PVs of zetsu Tracks

zetsu / 舐~zetsu~ from the single zetsu

zetsu First Press Edition

Release Date: 2004.07.28
Limited Edition First Press
No:PSTA-0049 Price:¥1,890(tax-in)
Label: PS Company

CD Tracklist

  1. zetsu / 舐~zetsu~ [x]

DVD Tracklist

  1. zetsu / 舐~zetsu~ PV

舐~zetsu~ album cover art © 2004 PS Company

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