Single: SHIVER

Release information for the GazettE’s single, SHIVER.

SHIVER was released in three versions: an -Optical Impression- featuring a “jacket-type” card, a two-track CD and a DVD with the PV; an -Auditory Impression- featuring a three-track CD; and a special Kuroshitsuji II / 黒執事II Edition featuring a Kuroshitsuji II card, a CD with the title track and TV edit version, as well a DVD containing the anime opening sequence.


  • SHIVER was used as the opening for Studio A-1 Pictures’ anime series 黒執事II / Kuroshitsuji II / Black Butler II.
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Romaji and English translation of the song 奈落 (Naraku) from the single SHIVER by the GazettE.

I didn’t give this the explicit tag because there’s nothing overtly graphic in it language-wise, but just a heads up: this song is about a (kind of one-sided) sadomasochistic relationship that sounds like it doesn’t end well.

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