SHIVER Celebrates 9th Anniversary

July 21, 2019 marks nine years since the release of SHIVER, one of the GazettE’s most popular singles thanks to its inclusion as the intro song to the anime series 黒執事II Kuroshitsuji II (Black Butler II).

A Best-Selling Single with Three Versions

Since its release nine years ago, SHIVER remains the GazettE’s highest selling single on their Oricon chart. It placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly charts, charting for a total of 13 weeks. The song SHIVER was used as the opening theme for 黒執事II Kuroshitsuji II (Black Butler II)—the second season of the popular anime produced by the studio A-1 Pictures. The anime tie-in introduced the GazettE’s music to a whole new audience, which almost certainly helped SHIVER on its way to becoming their all-time best-selling single.

SHIVER, the single, was released in three editions: SHIVER-Auditory Impression-, SHIVER-Optical Impression- (初回生産限定盤 / First Press Limited Edition), and the Kuroshitsuji II Limited Edition SHIVER (黒執事II期間限定盤 / Black Butler II Limited Edition).

The Auditory Impression contained a single CD with three tracks. The Optical Impression included a CD with two tracks as well as a separate DVD containing the PV and a behind-the-scenes making of DVD (titled “SHIVER: MUSIC CLIP + MAKING). The Kuroshitsuji II Limited Edition version contained two discs which included the full SHIVER track as well as a shortened TV version of the song on the first and the Kuroshitsuji II opening animation on the second.

PV and Anime Opening

the GazettE SHIVER PV
the GazettE SHIVER 黒執事II Kuroshitsuji II opening

SHIVER Release Version Tracklists

SHIVER-Auditory Impression- CD

03. Naraku / 奈落

SHIVER-Optical Impression- CD


SHIVER-Optical Impression- DVD

02. Making of SHIVER PV

SHIVER-Kuroshitsuji II edition- CD

02. SHIVER TV version

SHIVER-Kuroshitsuji II edition- DVD

01. Kuroshitsuji II Opening video

SHIVER album cover art © 2010 Sony Music

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