Single: Juuyon-sai no NAIFU

Release information for the GazettE’s limited-release single, Juuyon-sai no NAIFU / 十四歳のナイフ / A 14-Year-Old’s Knife.

Juuyon-sai no NAIFU was released as a single disc with one track.


  • This single was only made available for purchase at venues during lives.

Juuyon-sai no NAIFU First Press Edition

Release Date: 2004.09.11
Limited Edition First Press
No:        Price:
Label: King Records

CD Tracklist

  1. Juuyon-sai no NAIFU / 十四歳のナイフ [x]

十四歳のナイフ album cover art © 2004 King Records

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