Namaatatakai ame to zaratsuita jounetsu

Romaji and English translation of the song 生暖かい雨とざらついた情熱 (Namaatatakai ame to zaratsuita jounetsu) from the album NIL by the GazettE.

Translator's Notes
  • Lyrics originally sung in English are in italics , and words or phrases I felt were implied are in [brackets] in the translation.
  • I also (usually) put repeats of chorus/verses/stanzas in [brackets] if they’re not written that way in the original lyrics for ease of singing along.
  • If he writes a word in the lyrics but doesn’t sing it, I put it in light grey to make it easier to skip when singing along.
  • I usually romajize katakana characters in CAPITALS, and keep punctuation and line spacing as close to the original booklet as possible. If you see me putting spaces before punctuation at the end of a sentence or writing things in mixed-case capitals, that’s because it’s how it was in the booklet.
  • Any comments I had during the romajization/translation process will be included as footnotes so as not to disturb the flow of the song. They’re not required reading, but Ruki does some pretty nifty things with his lyrics/kanji choices, or sometimes there’s further explanations about words or phrases in there.

Namaatatakai ame to zaratsuita jounetsu: Romaji

Kuzureru youni taoreteitta hishatai ga wasurerarenai


Furatsuku ashi wo suri anata wo matta     kitto yurushite hakurenai darou 
Ame no oto ni magirete kikoeru     sono oto wa watashi no me no mae de tomatta

Tada     anata ni wa     tada     anata ni wa 
Himegoto hitotsu sae shitakunai
Wakatte hoshii     tatta ichido dake
Kurushimagire no uso wo me wo tsubutte     daite 

Aa     kono mama dou ni demo shite     sono te ni itsuwari ga nai nara 
POKETTO no naka no NAIFU goto “watashi wo tsurete nigete yo”
Mada yamanai ame ni utau wa     SHATSU ni kobiritsuite kienai
Sabi kusai tsumi to tsumi to tsumi wo hayaku arainagashite REIN 

Darlyn…, anata ni matowaritsuku shitto wo ubatta ima 
Anata no mune ni shizumu watashi wa yuiitsuna no? 

Kasa mo sasazu ni iki wo kirashite     watashi wo sagasu anata wo mitsuketa toki 
Totemo ureshikatta     mou sore dake de…
Ato wa kotoba mo kawasazu sono toki wo matsu wa

ASUFAARUTO to ame no WARUTSU wo kiki nagara futari dakiatte 
Kobore souna yowasa gomakashite     amai KISU ni oboreteitai no
Yasashii jounetsu de afureru     anata no sono kyashana te wa
Itsuka no yakusoku wo nokoshi akai SAIREN ni te wo furu
SAYONARA     aishite yamanu hito     SAYONARA     toozakaru anata he
[SAYONARA     aishite yamanu hito     SAYONARA     toozakaru anata he]

Zaratsuita shitasaki ni nokoru     saigo no anata wo shinjite 
Tsugi au sono hi “ame” ga furu nara     anata ni kasa wo sasu kara 

Warm Rain and Rough Passion: Translation

I can never forget the ruined subject of that crumbling photograph


I rubbed my trembling legs as I waited for you     I’m pretty sure you won’t forgive me, though
I’m too distracted listening to the sound of the rain     but then that sound abruptly stopped

It’s just that…     it’s just that…     I don’t want to
Keep even one thing a secret from you, but…
I hope you’ll understand     and just this once
Close your eyes to my desperate lies     and hold me

Oh well     you can do whatever you want     if you can’t handle my lies
It’s like the knife in my pocket [is whispering], “Take me out and let’s escape”
I’m still singing in this never-ending rain     and my shirt won’t stop clinging to my skin
My sins that smell like rust, my sins, my sins – they wash away so quickly in the rain

Darlyn…, I put aside all the lingering resentment I had towards you
Am I the only one you hold in your heart?

[There was one] time you ran out looking for me without your umbrella     and when I happened across you, you were out of breath
I was so happy then,     but now that’s all I have…
We don’t even talk anymore, but I’m still waiting for that time [to come again]

We embrace, listening to the waltz of the rain on the asphalt
I only deceive you by trying to appear weak     because I want to drown in your sweet kiss
As your slender hands     overflow with tender passion
[But now] I’ll wave [goodbye] to that promise of ‘someday’ given by a red siren
So farewell     to the one I’ll never stop loving;     farewell      to you, the one I lost
[So farewell     to the one I’ll never stop loving;     farewell      to you, the one I lost]

All that’s left in my dry mouth     is the faith I still have in you even now
If it’s “raining” the next time we meet,     I’ll lend you my umbrella

  1. He sings something here that’s not in the lyrics. It sounds like, “You were singing,” to me, but I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t include it.
  2. けど kedo “but/however/although” is printed in the lyrics but not sung, so I put it in a different color in the romaji to make it easier to skip.  I didn’t bother coloring in the translation, though.

NIL album cover art © 2006 King Records / JPU Records

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