Romaji and English translation of the song D.L.N from the album NIL and the compilation album TRACES VOL.2 BALLAD BEST by the GazettE.

There was an extra verse added to the end when they re-recorded the original song for TRACES VOL.2.  This verse has now been translated; the original version from NIL simply ends after “Song of the sheep in dark long night.”  I decided against making a separate page for the NIL version of the song since nothing else was changed in the lyrics.

This is an updated version of my translation originally done in 2008.
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Romaji of the song DISCHARGE from the album NIL by the GazettE.

Well, not really romaji because the whole song is already in English.

Just a side note: these lyrics were found on a Japanese-language lyric database that is usually pretty accurate, but I’ve since re-acquired scans of the booklet. In the booklet, this song does not appear to have official lyrics – there is some jibberish with heavy scribbling over it where the lyrics would be – so take them with a grain of salt.

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