Tokyo shinjuu

Romaji and English translation of the song 東京心中 (Tokyo shinjuu) from the album DISORDER by the GazettE.

Translator's Notes
  • Lyrics originally sung in English are in italics , and words or phrases I felt were implied are in [brackets] in the translation.
  • I also (usually) put repeats of chorus/verses/stanzas in [brackets] if they’re not written that way in the original lyrics for ease of singing along.
  • If he writes a word in the lyrics but doesn’t sing it, I put it in light grey to make it easier to skip when singing along.
  • I usually romajize katakana characters in CAPITALS, and keep punctuation and line spacing as close to the original booklet as possible. If you see me putting spaces before punctuation at the end of a sentence or writing things in mixed-case capitals, that’s because it’s how it was in the booklet.
  • Any comments I had during the romajization/translation process will be included as footnotes so as not to disturb the flow of the song. They’re not required reading, but Ruki does some pretty nifty things with his lyrics/kanji choices, or sometimes there’s further explanations about words or phrases in there.

Tokyo shinjuu: Romaji

Aisuru hito ga ima no watashi no subete desu
Anata ga iru kara watashi ga watashi de irareru no

“Tou-san, kaa-san. watashi,
Ano hito to Tokyo de kurasu koto ni shimashita.
Baka na koto da to wa juubun wakattemasu.
Watashi datte mou kodomo ja arimasen.
Jibun de kangaeraremasu.
Gomen nasai. saigo no wagamama yurushite kudasai…

Ano hi anata kara watasareta Tokyo yuki no kippu to
Uchi akete kureta, shourai to yume wa
“Kono machi wo dete Tokyo de isshoni kurashite kurenai ka?”
Watashi wa sukoshi tomadoi nagara mo ureshikatte
Fuan nante sukoshi mo nakatta     ai suru hito ga issho desu kara
Tsurai toki ya sabishii toki mo tashou aru deshou ga
Tayoru kazoku mo sutete kimashita     baka na amae ya miren mo zenbu
Anata to no atarashii jinsei to yume no tame ni
Mazushisa ga mi ni shimi wataru     dakedo anata iru kara
Kaeri wo matsu jikan sae mo shiawase de afureteru
Kokoro wo komete tsukutta anata ga suki na ryouri
Yorokobu kao ga hayaku mitai…      mitai desu

“Tokyo no seikatsu ni mo naretekimashita.
Ano hito wa mainichi yoruosoku made oshigoto ganbattemasu.
Sono sei deshou ka, saikin genki ga nai you ni omoemasu.
Watashi ga kiite mo, tada kutabireta egao wo miseru dake de
Kotaete kuremasen. Shinpai de shinpai de shikatanai desu.”


Totemo yasashii anata no koe
Tsurai toki wa itsumo futari de sasaeatta
Donna ni fukou demo futari nara daijoubu datta
Ai ga sameta wakejanai      tada otagai no kimochi ga
Soppo wo muiteta dake
Hajimete anata ga naiteta shakai ni yabureta yoru
Nante koe wo kaketara ii ka… oshiete

Yume no tame ni naku shita shiawase na katei wa
Mae wo mukezu tada kuyashikute naite iru
Mazushisa ga mi ni shimiru      futari wa te wo totte
Kisetsu hazure no senkou hanabi wo mitsumeteru
Kono hidane ga ochite      miren ga nakunattara
Me wo tojite gokkan no umi he…     futari de
Tsunaida te ga hodokete mu ni naru watashi to anata.

“Anata to sugoshita juusan kagetsu kan.
Hontou ni iroiro arimashita ne.
Isshoni ita kara yoku wakarimasu.
Ganbari sugite tsukareta desho?
Mou daijoubu      watashi zutto isshoni iru kara.
Gomen ne tou-san, kaa-san.
Atashi kono hito nashi ja ikite ikenai.
Shinpai sasete gomen nasai.
Gomen nasai.  Gomen nasai…”

Tokyo Lovers’ Suicide: Translation

The person I love is everything to me now
I can be myself because I have you

“Father, mother. I’ve
decided I’m going to live with him2 in Tokyo.
I know you think that it’s a very foolish idea.
But I’m not a child anymore.
I can think for myself.
So I’m sorry.  Please forgive my disobedience.

That day, you handed me a ticket to Tokyo,
As you confided in me about your dreams for our future
“Will you leave this town and come live with me in Tokyo?”
I was a little shocked, but at the same time, I was excited
I wasn’t the least bit anxious     because I’d be with the person I love
There are times things get a little tough or lonely
Since I cut ties with my family I’d depended on  and left them behind along with all my regrets, even though it was [probably] stupid of me
It was all for the dream of a new life with you
We might be stuck living in poverty but because I have you
I can find joy even in waiting for you to come home [every day]
And put my whole heart into making your favorite meal
I want to see your pleased face soon…  I want to see it…

“I’ve gotten used to life in Tokyo.
He is doing his best, working until late at night every single day.
Maybe it’s because of that, but lately he doesn’t seem to be feeling all that well.
But when I ask him about it, all he does is give me a tired smile
And won’t answer me.  I’m worried, so worried, but I can’t do anything about it.”

“I’m home.”

Your voice is so tender
Though at times I’m sure it must be so difficult to always have to support the two of us
No matter what misfortune might come our way, as long as we were together, we’d be all right
It’s not that our passion has cooled, but our feelings have just
Been focused elsewhere
You cried for the first time one night when the [weight of the] world finally broke you down
What can I say to make it better?… tell me
I gave up a happy family for the sake of our dream
So now I’m crying, too, full of regret, unable to face what I had before
Poverty permeates our lives and we hold each others’ hands
As we watch the last fireworks display of the season
And as those sparks fall,  our reluctance will also disappear
We close our eyes and [go] into the freezing cold sea… together.
Our linked hands lose their grip as you and I become nothing.

“I’ve spent the past thirteen months with you.
We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we?
We were together [the whole time], so I can understand it well.
You got worn out from trying too hard, right?
But it’s all right now because I’ll always be with you.
So I’m sorry, father, mother.
I can’t go on living without him.
I’m sorry for making you worry.
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…”

  1. The lyrics are actually switched around a bit at the beginning as written vs. as sung.  In the written lyrics, the first “letter” to the parents comes first, then the sung first verse is right after it.  I chose to put everything in the order it was sung for the ease of singing along.  (Most – if not all – other people who translated this that I’ve seen did it in the order it was written in the booklet, so if you desperately want to see what I mean, Google is your friend.)

    Additionally, the light grey section is written in the lyrics as part of the letter, but not sung, so I put it in a different color so it’s easier to skip over.
  2. He never really says “him” or “her,” just a generic この人 kono hito “this person” – but at the very end there is an あたし atashi “I (as typically used by a female)”, so for the ease of translating, I assumed this was a girl talking about a boy she was moving to Tokyo with. (Also, the singer stays home waits for their lover to return and cooks for the person out making a living for the two of them… so – and please don’t bring down the gender-stereotyping hammer of justice on me here – that kind of also makes it sound like this is probably a girl talking about the boy she loves.)

    ANYway. Just bear in mind, basically, every time you see “him” in this translation, Ruki actually wrote “this person.”

MASS album cover art © 2021 HERESY Inc / Sony Music Japan

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