Single: Wakaremichi

Release information for the GazettE’s single, Wakaremichi / 別れ道 / Parting Ways.

Wakaremichi was released in two versions: a First Press Edition Version featuring two tracks, and the Second Press Edition Version featuring three tracks.


  • Oddly, the first press version only had two tracks, whereas the second press version had three.

  • The first pressing was limited to 1000 copies and distribution was restricted to the Kantou region of Japan. The second pressing was limited to 3000 copies.

  • Both pressings were released by the Eternal branch of Matina Records along with a VHS counterpart containing the PVs, called SENCHIMENTARU BIDEO / センチメンタルビデオ / A Sentimental Video.

PVs of Wakaremichi Tracks

Wakaremichi / 別れ道 from the single Wakaremichi
SENCHIMENTARU na onigokko / センチメンタルな鬼ごっこ from the single Wakaremichi

Wakaremichi First Press Edition

Release Date: 2003.04.30
No:ER-005 Price:¥1,800(tax-in)
Label: Matina

CD Tracklist

  1. Wakaremichi / 別れ道
  2. SENCHIMENTARU na onigokko / センチメンタルな鬼ごっこ

Wakaremichi Second Press Edition

Release Date: 2003.06.30
No:ER-007 Price:¥1,800(tax-in)
Label: Matina
Extras: Bonus track

CD Tracklist

  1. Wakaremichi / 別れ道
  2. SENCHIMENTARU na onigokko / センチメンタルな鬼ごっこ
  3. Akai WANPIISU / 赤いワンピース

別れ道 album cover art © 2002 Matina

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