Single: Gozen 0-ji no torauma RAJIO

Release information for the GazettE’s single, Gozen 0-ji no torauma RAJIO / 午前0時のとらうまラジオ / Midnight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Radio (see note below).

Gozen 0-ji no torauma RAJIO was released as a single three-track CD.


  • This single was only made available for purchase through the retailer Brand-X.

  • This single, as well as the PVs, feature the original versions of Shiawase na hibi / 幸せな日々 and WAIFU / ワイフ, which were recorded with Yune before Kai joined the band. Both were later re-recorded with Kai for inclusion on the EP COCKAYNE SOUP (Shiawase na hibi only) and the compilation album Dainippon itangeishateki noumisou (gyaku) kaiten zekkyou ongenshuu. I’ve also read that Machibouke no kouen de… / 待ちぼうけの公園で… was re-recorded with Kai (and the title changed to Machibouke no kouen with a slight change to the lyrics as well) for the live they did with Hanamuke, but I haven’t been able to locate this version or the updated lyrics.

  • Normally I would have translated the title simply as Midnight Trauma Radio, but there is text on the single cover reading “the radio of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at 0:00.” I used that as the basis for the title translation.
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