Release information for the GazettE’s EP, MADARA / 斑蠡~MADARA~ / Decrepit (see notes below for more information).

MADARA was released in two versions: a First Press Edition Version featuring a slipcase, booklet, and a bonus track; and the Reissued Edition CD.


  • Regarding the title: 斑 by itself is read madara and means “spotted, speckled, blemish,” whereas the second kanji 蠡 isn’t a word on its own, but means “worm-eaten.” (The ~MADARA~ in the title is included to instruct how the characters should be read together.) Most sites translate the title simply as “speckled,” but given the fact that Ruki included a second un-voiced character, I’ve translated it utilizing the meanings of both his chosen characters. It brings to mind something long disused and neglected, spotty with mold and worm-eaten and basically falling apart.

  • The song Sumire / 菫 was only included on first-press editions; reissues only included five tracks.
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Romaji of the song MAD MARBLE HELL VISION from the EP MADARA by the GazettE.

Well, not really romaji because the whole song is already in English.

Just a side note: these lyrics were found on a Japanese-language lyric database that is usually pretty accurate, but I’ve since acquired scans of the booklet. In the booklet, this song does not appear to have official lyrics – there is simply a giant 無 mu / “nothing” printed in their place – so take them with a grain of salt. For this reason, I’ve chosen not to subtitle the video, so this one is linked from YouTube.

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