Anata NO tame NO ko NO inochi.

Romaji and English translation of the song 貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命。(Anata NO tame NO ko NO inochi.) from the EP MADARA by the GazettE.

Translator's Notes
  • Lyrics originally sung in English are in italics , and words or phrases I felt were implied are in [brackets] in the translation.
  • I also (usually) put repeats of chorus/verses/stanzas in [brackets] if they’re not written that way in the original lyrics for ease of singing along.
  • If he writes a word in the lyrics but doesn’t sing it, I put it in light grey to make it easier to skip when singing along.
  • I usually romajize katakana characters in CAPITALS, and keep punctuation and line spacing as close to the original booklet as possible. If you see me putting spaces before punctuation at the end of a sentence or writing things in mixed-case capitals, that’s because it’s how it was in the booklet.
  • Any comments I had during the romajization/translation process will be included as footnotes so as not to disturb the flow of the song. They’re not required reading, but Ruki does some pretty nifty things with his lyrics/kanji choices, or sometimes there’s further explanations about words or phrases in there.

Anata NO tame NO ko NO inochi.: Romaji

“Haru kaze kaoru shigatsu ni utau junrenka…”

Nekura,      hikikomo mori no boku,      mukuchi dake ga torie desu.
Sabishiku nante nai yo,      dakara okamai naku.
Akushumi isei kansatsu,      tanoshikute tamaranai yo.
Rikai funou kisei basei,      kyou mo harikitte ikimasu desu

Youchi PUREI wa akimashita.      Saraba jinkou LOLIWAIFU1.
Douse nara RIARU deshou?
Madogiwa RENZU wo nozoku.
Nanjikan tatta deshou? Risou sono mono no kimi
Unmei no hito to kidzuku kono wa ososugita….

Naze desuka? Kimi wo shiranai no ni,      konnanimo mune ga itamu no wa.
ranai3 dakedo itoshii. Kurushii yo, kimi wo miteru “nou” ga.

Namae mo shiranu RENZU nai no kimi, koe wa todokazu fureru koto mo nai.
Kocchi wo muite boku wa kakureru kara,
Kanashisugiru yo konna ni soba ni iru no ni….

Itsuka boku ni kidzuku toki ga aru toshitara, kimi wa kitto kowagaru darou.
Nigedasu darou. Fuan ni ki ga kuruu.

Naze desuka? Kimi wo shiranai no ni,      konnanimo mune ga itamu no wa.
Wakaranai dakedo itoshii. Kurushii yo, kimi wo miteru “nou” ga.

Hitori aruki no todokazu no omoi, wakatteru no ni tomaranu ga koi.
Kimi ga boku ni kidzuku hi wa konai.     Wakattemashita.      Akirametemashita.
Aru hareta asa
4, itsumo no you ni RENZU ni utsuru na mo shiranai kimi.
Koe mo kakerenu furerare mo shinai. Datte sou desho?

“Subete wa uso5 da mono…(shiwarai6)”

 [“Haru kaze kaoru shigatsu ni utau junrenka…”]

This Life for You: Translation

“Amidst a fragrant April breeze, I sing a harmless7 love song…”

I’m gloomy      and introverted,      and my only redeeming quality is my shy nature.
But don’t worry about me, I’m not lonely.
I can’t help but indulge in my bad habit of observing the opposite sex.
‘You know it’s your weakness,’ a strange voice [inside me] taunts,      and today I’m looking forward to living [my fantasy].

I’ve had enough of childish play. So farewell, my fake8 Loli-Wife1
I might as well have the real thing, right? So I’ll peep through the window with my lens9.
I wonder how many hours had passed? [And then I saw] you, my ideal woman.
But I was too late in realizing you were my destiny….

Why does it have to be this way?  Even though I don’t know you,      my chest hurts so much.

I don’t understand it, but I know I love you. My “head10” is in agony when I watch you.
I don’t even know your name, my lady in the lens, and my voice can’t reach out and touch you like this.

I’m so sad even when you’re near, because I’m hidden when you look my way….
I bet if someday you were ever to notice me, you would probably be afraid of me.
You’d run away from me.  You would panic and freak out.

Why does it have to be like this? Even though I don’t know you,      my chest hurts so much.
I don’t understand it, but I know I love you. My “head” is in agony when I watch you.

Even though my feelings are one-sided and won’t reach you, I realize I can’t stop loving you.
But the day you’ll notice me won’t ever come.      I understood that.      So I gave up.
But as always happens, early the next morning you’re once again in the lens, the girl whose name I don’t know.
I can’t even talk to you or touch you. But is that really true?

“It was all just an act…(deadly smile6)”11

[“Amidst a fragrant April breeze, I sing a harmless love song…”]

  1. He sings “Loli-Wife” (Loli = Lolita = “a sexually precocious young girl” and also a form of Japanese fashion where girls wear “little girl/innocent” looking dresses/shoes/lace/hats/big curly hair/carry stuffed animals, etc.). It’s written using 幼少 youshou “childhood” and 褄 tsuma which means “skirt/hem of kimono” – but it’s also pronounced the same way as 妻 tsuma which means “wife.”  See footnote 8 for additional info about his LOLIWAIFU.
  2. Throughout, he writes 貴女 (polite, to-a-female version of anata “you”), but sings 君 kimi (also “you,” but much more familiar – definitely not something you’d say to a stranger or acquaintance). The guy in the song is visually stalking this woman, and the switch is to make it obvious that he’s infatuated with her and considers that they have a relationship (even though they obviously don’t) by using the overly-familiar form of you when talking to her in his head.
  3. Ruki again uses his 理解 (rikai – comprehend) / 解 (waka – understand/realize) switch. See my comment in the D.L.N translation for my thoughts on this.
  4. 早朝 soucho “early morning” is written, while 朝 asa “morning” is sung.
  5. 妄想 mousou “delusion” is written, while 嘘 uso “lie” sung.
  6. Not sung, but in the lyrics.
  7. jun means “innocent/pure/chaste” – I translated it as harmless because…well, he tries to make it sound like it is, but the last line kind of tells you it’s not.
  8. He’s written 人口 jinkou “population/common talk” but I think the word he’s actually using is 人工 jinkou “artificial/fake.” The reason I think he switched is because they’re both pronounced the same, but the one he wrote contains the kanji 口, which when pronounced kuchi means “mouth/hole/orifice” – sooooo combined with the note on Loli-Wife, basically I’m getting the image of him tossing aside his dressed up blow-up doll in favor of something less “childish” – like a real woman.
  9. Telescope, binoculars, etc. – basically something for spying on someone from afar without them knowing.
  10. So 脳 nou is literally “brain/memory” – but I’m feeling like this is an innuendo because of the quotes…so… Little head, not big head, yeah?
  11. Combined with the “deadly smile” – I think he’s saying, “I know I just got through saying all I was gonna do was watch and not touch and that I gave up…but yeah, I lied. LOL”

斑蠡~MADARA~ album cover art © 2004 PS Company

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