Romaji and English translation of the song 菫 (Sumire) from the EP MADARA by the GazettE.

Translator's Notes
  • Lyrics originally sung in English are in italics , and words or phrases I felt were implied are in [brackets] in the translation.
  • I also (usually) put repeats of chorus/verses/stanzas in [brackets] if they’re not written that way in the original lyrics for ease of singing along.
  • If he writes a word in the lyrics but doesn’t sing it, I put it in light grey to make it easier to skip when singing along.
  • I usually romajize katakana characters in CAPITALS, and keep punctuation and line spacing as close to the original booklet as possible. If you see me putting spaces before punctuation at the end of a sentence or writing things in mixed-case capitals, that’s because it’s how it was in the booklet.
  • Any comments I had during the romajization/translation process will be included as footnotes so as not to disturb the flow of the song. They’re not required reading, but Ruki does some pretty nifty things with his lyrics/kanji choices, or sometimes there’s further explanations about words or phrases in there.

Sumire: Romaji

Fu Okitegami ni shirushita
Fu Gomen ne no imi ni tomadou [ne]
Fu  Denwa no BERU ga itai 
Fu Naiyou wa kitto ARE darou

Tada shinjitsu ni nigeteru dake     okubyou da ne wakatteru sa
Kimi wo omoi ki ga tsuitara     hashiridashiteta
Tanoshikatta hibi wa ima mo     mune no naka de ikitemasu 
Yarinaoseru kimi to dakara     arukihajimeta ANO koro no you ni… 

Furishikiru ame     kimi ni mukau hodo ni tsumetai

Me no mae ni wa iki wo hikitotta kimi
Hannou no nai “gara” mugon ga tada itai
Kimi no egao, kimi no namida, kimi no negao, kimi no koe,
Kimi no karada, kimi no boku, kimi ni mou aenai

Tanoshikatta hibi wa zutto     mune no oku de ikiru kara
Kimi wa boku no kioku no naka de     akarui egao misete

Yume no naka de au kimi wa     aikawarazu nakimushi de 
Kono mama zutto kono yume ga samenai you ni

Sotto negatta     kienai you ni
Sotto negatta     kienai you ni

Violets1: Translation

I’m confused about the meaning of the apology
In the farewell letter you wrote me
The ringing of the phone hurts my head
[If I were to answer,] I bet the subject of the call would be ‘that’

I know I’m a coward because I’m just trying to escape from the truth
When I realized I was thinking of you again     I started running away
Those wonderful days we shared      are still alive in my heart even now
So I set out walking as if I could start over      and redo those days I had with you…

The pouring rain     is so frigid, I have no choice but to face you

I could see your breath in the [cold air] as you left me
You won’t answer me so “what’s left” is nothing but painful silence
Your smiling face, your tears, your sleeping face, your voice
Your body, I’m yours, but I can’t see you anymore

Because these wonderful days have always been      alive deep inside my heart
You are still inside my memories     showing me your cheerful smile

The ‘you’ that meets me in my dreams     is a crybaby, the same as you always were
I hope I’ll never have to wake up from this dream so things will stay this way

So I quietly wished     that it wouldn’t disappear
So I quietly prayed     that you wouldn’t disappear

  1. In 花言葉 hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, the violet symbolizes honesty. The singer is being honest about his painful feelings in this song.

斑蠡~MADARA~ album cover art © 2004 PS Company

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