Red MoteL

Romaji and English translation of the song Red MoteL from the EP Hankou semeibun by the GazettE.

This song got the explicit tag for good reason; lots of sexual stuff and some violence. I think this gives Sugar Pain a run for its money for the lewdest song, too, if that gives you an idea.

Translator's Notes
  • Lyrics originally sung in English are in italics , and words or phrases I felt were implied are in [brackets] in the translation.
  • I also (usually) put repeats of chorus/verses/stanzas in [brackets] if they’re not written that way in the original lyrics for ease of singing along.
  • If he writes a word in the lyrics but doesn’t sing it, I put it in light grey to make it easier to skip when singing along.
  • I usually romajize katakana characters in CAPITALS, and keep punctuation and line spacing as close to the original booklet as possible. If you see me putting spaces before punctuation at the end of a sentence or writing things in mixed-case capitals, that’s because it’s how it was in the booklet.
  • Any comments I had during the romajization/translation process will be included as footnotes so as not to disturb the flow of the song. They’re not required reading, but Ruki does some pretty nifty things with his lyrics/kanji choices, or sometimes there’s further explanations about words or phrases in there.

Red MoteL: Romaji

Kanrakugai no QUEEN to yobareta 
Youen na kimi wa kane ni kurai tsuku baita1
GIRAtsuku furumai musekaeru KORON
BURONZU no kami wo furimidashi odotteru
JUNK no boku wa shirigaru no kimi wo 
Kitanai kane de te ni ireta nda
WAINGURASU ni honno sukoshi dake ai to
Mazete toriko ni saseta nda 

“Hayaku… hayaku… hayaku…” nee hoshii no?

Akai akai SURITORIKU wo nurashiaegu SHIRUETTO 
Midara DARADARA to mitsu wo tarenagashi aishiaou
Akai akai BEDDO no ue kimi wa boku no MORUPETTO 
Kichikugara no aibu de shinu made IKAsete yarou ka?

Kawairashii kimi wa  modae nagara motometekuru 
Kawaisou na kimi wo fushidara na asobi de kowashita 

ZUBUnure ni natta kimi ga utsuro na me de naiteru 
Furiotosareta NAIFU ni wake mo wakarazu naiteru
Akai akai BEDDO no ue chi namagusai MORUPETTO 
Kimi to onaji de boku ni wa kawari wa ikurademo iru kara…

[Akai akai SURITORIKU wo nurashiaegu SHIRUETTO]
[Akai akai BEDDO no ue kimi wa boku no MORUPETTO]
[Kimi to onaji de boku ni wa kawari wa ikurademo iru kara…]

Good bye SWEET my honey

Red MoteL: Translation

You’re called the QUEEN of the red-light district 
A voluptuous whore1 who’s become consumed by [the love of] money
[With] your alluring movements and your overpowering perfume 
You dance, your bronze hair in disarray 
JUNK me’ bought ‘lustful you’
With dirty money
Feeling only a tiny bit of guilt, I mix DOPE in your wine glass
To make you become my slave

“Faster… faster… faster…” You want it, right?

Your gasping silhouette; your red, red sirotilc2  is so wet
We’ll make love, my thrusts spreading your nectar in obscene rivulets  
On the red, red bed you are my lab rat
Should I touch you mercilessly and let you come [over and over] until you die? HONEY

You’re so beautiful as you beg in agony 
You’re so pitiful now that I’ve broken you with my wanton play

You got so soaking wet, and you’re sobbing with lifeless eyes
You’re sobbing, without having understood the reason for the knife I tossed aside
On the red, red bed you’re my lab rat, reeking of blood 
But there are so many just like you I can replace you with… 

[Your gasping silhouette; your red, red sirotilc is so wet]
[On the red, red bed you are my lab rat]
[But there are so many just like you I can replace you with…]

Good bye SWEET my honey

  1. 売女 baita “whore, prostitute” is written in the lyrics, but not sung.
  2. He wrote スリトリク SURITORIKU which is actually クリトリス KURITORISU clitoris (part of the female genitalia) backwards.  I don’t know if he was trying to be coy or what…  I left it backwards in the translation since it was backwards in the original lyrics.

    Ruki: going the extra mile to get shit past the censors. LOL

犯行声明文 album cover art © 2003 PS Company

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